Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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1. A person may apply to the directors for membership in the club and upon payment of membership dues shall be a member and uphold the Constitution and comply with these by-laws.
2. All members are in good standing except a member who has failed to pay his current annual membership fee.
3. A person shall cease to be a member of the Club on having been a member not in good standing for three consecutive months.
4. Annual membership dues shall be paid on or before September 1st of each year, the amount to be determined by the membership at the annual general meeting of the Club. Visitors to be levied a fee subject to the approval of the membership.
5. Annual membership dues must be paid in order to have a vote at the annual general meeting. Members of the Executive shall be considered to be members in good standing.
6. Currently annual membership fees are $25.00 per person or $35.00 per family.

Meetings of Members

7. There shall be ten regular monthly meetings per year.
8. There shall be an annual general meeting held in September of each year.
9. Quorum for the transaction of business at a general meeting shall be twenty per cent of the members in good standing, but never less than three.

Directors and Officers

10. A maximum of five directors shall be elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Club to the following positions:

(a) President
(b) Vice-President
(c) Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Past-President

The following positions will be non-elected officers:

(a) Membership Chairperson
(b) Bulletin Editor
(c) Website Co-ordinator
(d) Special Events Co-ordinator
(e) Plant Table Co-ordinator

The abovementioned directors shall constitute the Executive Committee. The term of office in any one position shall be limited normally to two successive years in the same office with a maximum of three years.
11. The membership may by a special resolution remove a director before the expiration of his term of office and may elect a successor to complete the term of office.
12. No director shall be remunerated for being or acting as a director but a director shall be reimbursed for all expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred while engaged in the affairs of the Club.
13. The President shall preside at all general and regular meetings of the Club and at all Executive meetings.
The Vice-President shall perform duties of the President in the absence of the latter.
The Secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings of the Club.
Minutes shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary.
The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies belonging to the Club and shall keep a record of all such transactions.
The Bulletin Editor shall produce the Club’s monthly bulletin.
The Membership Chairperson shall maintain the register of members.
The Past-President shall be ex officio a member of the Executive Committee.

Signing Officers of the Club shall be any of its Directors and Officers (consisting of the: President; Vice-President; Past President; Secretary; Treasurer; Membership Co-Ordinator; Bulletin Editor and Website Co-Ordinator; Plant Table Co-Ordinator; and Special Events Co-Ordinator), any two to sign.

Executive Committee

14. Executive Committee meetings shall be held at the call of the Chair.
15. Quorum for an executive committee meeting shall be four.
16. Standing Committee members appointed by the chair shall be named as required.


17. The fiscal year of the club shall be from September 1st to August 31st.
18. A financial statement for the most recently completed fiscal year shall be presented at the AGM.
19. The funds of the Club shall be devoted to its objects. The Executive Committee shall require the approval of the membership to expend any sum in excess of five hundred dollars ($500.00), other than for items for resale.
20. If, at any future date, the Club feels the necessity to borrow money, the provision for this shall be made by an addition to the By-Laws by the members by special resolution.
21. Any person who wishes to inspect the records of the Club may do so by permission of the President.


22. By-Laws may be added to or altered by a special resolution. Notice of intention to propose the special resolution shall be given in writing not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.

Special Resolution

23. “Special Resolution” means a resolution passed in general meeting by a majority of not less than 75% of the votes of those members of the Club who, being entitled to do so, vote in person at a meeting of which not less than fourteen days notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been given.


24. The emblem of the Club shall be “The Queen Elizabeth Rose”
25. Rules of Order are subject to Roberts’ Rules of Order.