Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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  1. To conduct business meetings.
  2. To represent and help publicize the aims of the Garden Club to the public.
  3. To keep a list of Garden Club and contact numbers, where possible record contact numbers which might be of interest to the Club.
  4. Expect calls from other community groups and receive and/or exchange information with other groups.
  5. Expect to receive inquiries from membership and deal with or refer, expect this to occur by phone or in person at the beginning of meetings.
  6. Review scholarships and donations annually, including library gift.
  7. Ensure that the Club’ s Liability Insurance is kept up to date.  The premium for the present coverage is due in February.


  1. Arrange guest speakers for every meeting, ask if they will be bringing their own projector. Inform speakers of range of experience of members.
  2. Forward speaker information to Bulletin Co-ordinator.
  3. Greet speakers on arrival, offer help in setting up.
  4. Assemble projector and microphone for meeting (and put away) or organize fellow member to do so.
  5. Be responsible for sound system being in order.
  6. Introduce guest speaker at each meeting including brief background of their gardening experience and /or expertise for those members not familiar with the speaker and give vote of thanks (or arrange alternate). Make sure the speaker is offered refreshments.
  7. Make sure speaker receives honorarium, having ascertained fee beforehand.
  8. Organize setting up of chairs, tables and putting away, with particular emphasis on special events.



  1. Provides position orientation and functions as mentor to the Chair.
  2. Assists in developing and carrying out long and short term goals and objectives in collaboration with the Executive.
  3. Serves as nominating Committee Chair, identifies and contacts possible candidates for exec and committee chair vacancies and presents these to the executive for approval.
  4. Provides each new executive member with current orientation if the outgoing executive member is unable to do so.
  5. Performs other duties as required, including acting as stand in for President as needed.



The Treasurer is responsible for all aspects of the Club's finances, including, but not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Collecting from the Membership secretary all monies for membership dues and guest fees and electronically recording details in the cash book.
  2. Collecting from the person in charge of refreshments all monies from the sale of refreshments at Club meetings and electronically recording details in the cash book.
  3. Collecting from the person in charge of plant sales all monies from the sale of plants and other items at Club meetings and electronically recording details in the cash book.
  4. Receiving and electronically recording to the cash book details for any other revenue coming to the Club.
  5. Depositing all monies received into the Club's account at the Club's bank.
  6. Reviewing all invoices or bills submitted for payment and where appropriate submitting those bills to the Executive committee for approval. (Any bill over $50 other than for regular items such as hall rental, speakers honorarium, bulletin expenses, or rentals for special events should be reviewed with the Executive).
  7. Paying all bills after approval and maintaining files of paid invoices and receipts as backup for financial transactions.
  8. Maintaining a cash book in which all transactions both incoming and outgoing are recorded. The cash book shall be set up with sub-accounts or cost centres for the main sources of income and expenditure such as Membership, Plant Sales, Bulletin, Speakers etc so that the income and expenditures attributable to them is readily identifiable.  This information is recorded electronically on a spreadsheet.
  9. Reconciling the monthly bank statement with the cash book.
  10. Preparing a monthly financial statement immediately prior to each Executive meeting for presentation to the Executive at that meeting.
  11. Monitoring the Club’s finances on an on-going basis to ensure that the Club remains solvent.  A budget or cash projection may be requested by the Executive from time to time for certain purposes.
  12. Preparing an annual financial statement for presentation to the membership at the AGM and for submission to the Provincial Government in accordance with the Societies Act.
  13. Providing orientation, where necessary to the incoming new Treasurer.
  14. Working with the bank to provide appropriate forms re signing authority for the Club etc



    1.  General Meeting

    • Take minutes, issue copies to:

    1 for President, 1 for Secretary file, 1 for bulletin board at next meeting

    2.    Executive Meeting

    • Read minutes of last Executive meeting, correct if necessary.
    • Take minutes of meeting.
    • Issue copies of minutes to the following:

    President Vice-President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer,

    Membership Secretary, Bulletin Editor, Plant Table Organizer, Special Events Organizer

    • Copies of minutes to be sent out with newsletter.
    • Arrange alternate to take minutes if unavailable.

    3.    General Correspondence

    • Thank you letters for speakers (take to meeting and include the cheque)
    • Letter, cheque, report to Registrar of Companies by end of Sept.
    • Thank you letters for donations.
    • General letters.

    (Occasionally thank you letters are sent out by the special events organizer eg to members who open their gardens for garden tours or other visits).