Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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In the comparatively compact area of the North Shore we find gardens at sea level, gardens carved out of steep hillsides, gardens at the edge of forests, gardens that bask in the sunshine all day and gardens that are best described as shady. Combine these gardens with the great range of interests, skills and passions of the gardeners’ means that there are an almost infinite number of landscapes, styles and planting combinations flourishing in each and every neighbourhood.

The club garden tours present club members with the twice yearly chance to visit other members gardens. These events depend entirely on the generosity of club members to open their gardens. We do not require that gardens be “perfect" or weed free or even out of the ordinary, we ask only to be allowed to visit, view and maybe learn.