Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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The house is pale green with black trim and there are three raised beds, full of vegetables, in the front yard. You will come through the first garden which is Chris, my daughter's handiwork. She is an organic gardener and she welcomes pollinators by leaving the clover and other attractants in her grass. I think the reason she still has grass is the grandkids (Ben and Georgia)! To get to my garden, head to the left side of the house, past the two black composters, and down the gravel path past the thornless blackberries and an assortment of shade tolerant plant (and enthusiastic volunteers). Please come through the gate, the potting and storage space on your left was once a sand box and is topped by the kid's playhouse. I have four raised beds, one for raspberries, and the others for vegetables. The garden is small and it does not get a lot of sun, so one corner is farmed intensively and the rest is home to mostly shade lovers. There are a lot of things in pots! I try to garden organically as I am very fond of the birds, singing so cheerfully as they spend time on pest control, and the pollinators (and my grandchildren as well). This year our resident chickadees, Chuck and Deedee, raised their first brood and the juveniles have joined the work crew!
I have two small seating areas, one in the sun and one in the shade, by a little water feature. There is a set of stairs near the shaded seating area which will lead you to the path to the two lower parts of the garden. By my door on the deck you will find the "House Goddess" (Tanya) among the leaves of a pot of clematis, and on the lower level fence there is a framed mirror with our "Garden Goddess" (Chris)  a companion piece. They show my daughters when they were in their teens. The three aspen logs on the ground are an attempt to grow shitake and oyster mushrooms which I expect to appear with the rains of October. Past my studio and the wheelbarrow collection there is a small bit of garden meant to be seen from my living room window and the studio. My garden is much like me, slightly muddled, somewhat disorderly, still a work in progress, but enthusiastic and a bit creative. It is a source of comfort and pleasure to me. I hope you like it too.  

Cathy Gibson

The garden is mature with many rhododendrons and azaleas. There is a lawn at the front with a granite outcrop of rock in the centre. There is also a rock garden by the street, a vegetable garden and a perennial bed.

The back garden features a small vegetable garden at the side, a hot tub, children's playground, deck, gazebo and pond. There is a wild area with a path through salal up to another deck with view over the water. There is also another vegetable garden in granite sided beds by the upper deck.

Sylvia and John Aldrich

This garden is on a hillside on several levels. From the street you look at a bank covered with heather and a rock garden with various shrubs, plants and flowers. On the next level in front of the house there is a small lawn surrounded by a rose bed and various flowers. There are also raised beds as a vegetable garden. Through the green house you climb up to the top level with flower beds and various shrubs surrounded by evergreen trees on the neighbouring properties.

Karin Hoeller

A 40 year old garden started with bare land except of course cedars, salal, blackberries etc. so have done much in that time but it still changes every year. We have lots of large rhodos, maples, viburnums with many perennials.
The property is very irregular, long driveway to walk down, quite a few stairs and a flattish rock face in front. I would warn people perhaps most shouldn't go across it but you can see almost everything in front of the house from the deck.

We have tamed much of the wilderness but not all of it!

Selma Willett