Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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Lois Woolley’s Garden
Stonework paths lead through this expansive view property, terracing down to a lovely pond and arbour. Tons of unique perennials, flowering shrubs and a large veggie garden are tended by a passionate and knowledgeable gardener.

Elena and Micah Jansson's Garden
Our gardening areas are divided between our north facing front entrance and south facing back, as well as balcony and deck space. It is all very informal, and inspired in part by the look and feel of country cottage gardens. Our home is accessed from the south side of Marine Drive via a red brick staircase which leads down to our lower courtyard and entrance - there will be signage at the top of the stairs. This area receives restricted amounts of sunlight and has little actual flowerbed space, so many favourite flowers such as hollyhocks, sweet peas, sunflowers, and roses are grown in containers to take advantage of available sunny spots. Our vegetable garden is around the back at Radcliffe and Maple Lane and consists of nine raised beds. Everything is planted from seed and grown organically.

Virginia Munro’s Garden
From the Westmount exit on the highway turn left onto Westmount Road, the house is opposite Thompson Place, where you should park. The front garden features azaleas, rhodos and pieris in the pretty courtyard. In the multi-level back garden the beds contain many perennials and shrubs. Virginia has had great success with roses from cuttings. Her favourite is Victor Borge. Look for a rose growing out of a 10’ stump! Westmount Creek runs through the property on the east and the banks have been beautifully landscaped

Hedy Hartmann’s Garden
Continue down from Virginia’s home to Mathers Avenue and turn left; Hedy’s home is on the right almost at the corner with 31st Street. Her rear garden is beautifully landscaped and features a large reconstructed pond built to capitalize on a natural spring. The garden has a wide variety of interesting plants including a 30-year-old palm tree which is currently blooming! You will also see stunning cannas, a lavender hedge and perennial orchids. The vegetable area is beside the waterfall. Hedy’s garden flows seamlessly into her neighbor Trudy’s garden.

Trudy Close’s Garden
This beautifully landscaped and planted garden is a treat as every plant appears to be in the “right” place. In this microclimate you will see many structural plants such as phormiums and agaves and outstanding succulents such as echeverias. This year Trudy’s colour choices are purples, oranges and creams. Trudy concentrates on structure and contrasting foliage to great success.

Val Charalambous’ Garden
The front sunny garden consists of rhodos, azaleas, roses and everything else that caught my fancy at the local nursery. Alongside the left side of the house is a pathway garden of camellias, hellebores and climbing roses. At the end of the pathway on the left side of the garden is a pond which leads to a shade garden. Here you will find hydrangeas, fuchsias, ferns, rhodos and azaleas. The patio in the summer months is an assortment of pots and containers – usually filled with impatiens, begonias etc. The back garden is the area I most enjoy.

Please Note: Due to the nature of gardens on the North Shore, there is often uneven terrain to be navigated. Each person is responsible for being cautious, as our club does not assume risk of injury. Enjoy the gardens but watch your step.