Strawberry Social 2018
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Julia Guest, Travelling Gardens - Wednesday October 2nd, 2019 - 7.00 p.m.
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Pamela Erikson - DAY LILIES – Evolution of our Gardens and Dirk Meyer (new member) – Patio Gardening

Pam Erikson is an award-winning daylily hybridizer, photographer, instructor and lecturer from Langley, B.C. Canada.

In 1991, Pam became the first American Hemerocallis Society judge in Canada. Also in 1991, Pam started the first Canadian daylily club in the country in affiliation with the AHS and is still its President to this day. Pam and her family invite gardeners from around the world to tour the gardens in July at peak bloom time and are members of the Circle Farm Tour program through Tourism Langley; and were the first official daylily display garden in Canada sanctioned by both the American Hemerocallis Society and the Canadian Daylily Society. The one-acre display garden has seen bus tours from Australia, Japan, England and the United States – in addition to thousands of local gardening enthusiasts and several gardening television and radio shows from around the country. The gardens now contain over 3,000 varieties of daylilies and lilies; over 600 varieties of hostas and hundreds of other specimen trees and perennials.

Pam travels extensively in the fall and winter months, giving presentations to introduce new gardeners to her favorite plants and traveling to many destinations to acquire new and rare varieties! She has also been involved in event planning for many years in her capacity as Vice-President of the Canadian Daylily Society, Vice-President of the Annual Canadian-American Daylily Symposium in Niagara Falls each March, Regional President of AHS Region 8 for Washington and Oregon and was Chair of the VanDusen Flower and Garden Show in Vancouver for many years. In recent years, Pam has collaborated on several books dedicated to daylilies; was a contributing author to ‘A Grower’s Choice’ (Raincoast Books 2001); is a member of the Garden Writers of America and writes regularly for numerous publications across North America, as well as being the Editor of the Pacific Daylily – a bi-annual publication for AHS Region 8; garden columnist for the Langley Advance newspaper; is a director on several community horticultural and agricultural committees, societies and clubs.

She makes yearly appearances on local radio and television shows to continue the promotion of her favorite plant. Pam was named Hybridizer of the Year by the Canadian Hemerocallis Society in 2005, and to date has introduced 82 new daylily cultivars to the world market, with hostas being added to the hybridizing program in recent years.

Warm Welcome to new member and Horticulturalist Dirk Meyer and volunteer speaker on Patio Gardening….