Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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Here we stand with an open door to the New Year. If we glance over our shoulders for a bit, we will recognize that we have had a lovely variety of experiences in our first year in our present home. We enjoyed the conviviality of three parties, heard and saw the wealth of information from diverse speakers telling us about details of Japanese gardening, garden design, decorating with flowers, growing in the shade, the beauty of bulbs, and vegetables. Importantly, we were able to honour Sue Menning with a lifetime membership and strengthen our executive with a secretary and a new treasurer Adeline Bourbonniere and Jan Croxford. At the same time, we were sad to lose our vice president for health reasons, and hope to find a replacement soon. I would personally like to thank Kathy Moradian for coming forward to head the arrangements for the Christmas Party. She also was the one who suggested we collect things for Quest, a new endeavour devoted to helping people who need it. Thank you to Wendie Kottmeier and Aileen Taylor who sold raffle tickets, and a big thank you to Vicki Halldorson who made the two Christmas arrangements for the raffle.

This year will be a plant sale year, a time when we all get together to share our plants, knowledge and interests. In the past, it has also raised money for the next two years. Our January executive meeting will be devoted to the plant sale. Please come forward with suggestions and offers of help if you can. We have some volunteers, including Lois Woolley who will handle publicity, but so far, we have no one tie it all together. Usually we ask each member to bring at least ten plants to sell, but use your ingenuity to acquire more. We have not selected a venue yet, so if you know a good one, let us know.  We are looking forward to another year of sharing our garden lore and acquiring new insights. Early in the New Year we will have Brad Jalbert, a well-known expert on roses, and Klavdi Kukovic again, but this time on the mysterious Moorish gardens. We hope to see you there.

Being able to circulate and converse with our members is greatly enhanced by having a cup of something warm in hand. Behind the scenes, Diana Mason welcomes people with a smile and hospitality. Did you know that there is no back up person in case she is unavailable? We invite you to get to know the members better by helping in the kitchen. Please help. Another way to participate is to help Avis with the magazine table. It would be suitable for a new member who would like to meet easily other members and work with an experienced member. We would like to hear from you (speak to any executive member).

Mary Hamm