Strawberry Social 2018
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Douglas Justice - Cherry Trees and Blooms
Wednesday March 4th, 2020 - 7.00 p.m.
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The scene at the December meeting of the West Vancouver Garden Club was festive. Jim Hemphill presided over the drinks table and members mingled with friends whilst they participated in a guessing game organized by President Kathleen Glynn-Morris. The refreshment table tempted members with a splendid array of goodies and the room was beautifully decorated by Jill Newby, Jenny Cannon and Helga Peifer.

Members seated themselves in a circle around the speaker for the evening Pamela Dangelmaier. Pamela who is a co-owner of the bulb and plant mail order company Botanus, was accompanied by another of the partners, Elke Wehinger. Cathy Legate introduced Pamela who spoke to members about her book “The Flour Garden or Stories of an Aging Garden Club”. This is available for purchase at or Amazon.

Pamela started her talk by outlining how the book came to be written and telling members a little about herself. She told us that she had always been a people watcher. She has a BFA in theatre so is very aware of people’s personalities but was not able to pursue a longtime career in the field as before movies there was not enough work in Vancouver. As publicity for Botanus Pamela and her co-owners lecture to many garden clubs and the book amalgamates some of their experiences. It is set at an imaginary Kerrisdale Garden Club where members are notable for arguing about destinations for field trips and accusing co-members of theft! The book was about 5 years in the writing and was helped on its way with a little luck in that Pamela met a Canadian book editor when hiking on the Camino trail and she agreed to take the book on. Pamela’s brother is graphic designer and he did the cover and illustrations. There are baking tips at the start of each chapter. Pamela read an amusing extract from the book and then answered some questions. Copies of the book were available for sale and also as a door prize.

Lois Woolley