Open Gardens 2024

Dear garden club members,

I hope you visited the four member gardens on Friday.


I started at Lois’s garden and as always wanted many plants from her garden.

All these women started their gardens from scratch. Bringing in soil and so many wonderful plants over the years. Their knowledge on plants is astounding. I feel quite humbled by their hard work! Lois’s vegetable garden (even in the cold spring) her tomatoes – is always a joy to see! Thank you Lois!


Next Diana’s garden – the most serene beautiful magical garden full of amazing plants! Stories of bears, her cold frames, the knowledge just astounding. Jealousy also reared its head looking at her amazing garden. Lemonade and cookies too.


Then we were off to Tanja’s garden. I am so impressed with gardeners ideas on vegetables (potatoes). The wonderful chickens and raspberries, beehives – the energy and excitement in gardening. I am surprised nobody lay down on her hammock to have a siesta! I was tempted.


Lastly Kathy garden – steep like Lois’s but steeper you needed rebar drilled into rocks to help navigate the terrain! Such interesting trees with beautiful cones. The work was daunting hot dry steep terrain but magical spots all over the garden. Below her sun-drenched porch the rock was covered in sedums and tiny ferns clinging to the rocks.

Every garden was spectacular but the work, design and vision was beyond my skill. Thank you for letting us view these wonderful gardens!

Submitted by Cathy Legate