Our Committee & Volunteers

Thank you to our committee, and to all the volunteers whose tireless efforts guide our club. Your hard work, passion, and commitment do not go unnoticed.

PRESIDENT: Cathy Legate
TREASURER: Angela Miller
SECRETARY: Val Charalambous

Membership: Aileen Taylor
Plant Table Co-ordinator: Wendie Kottmeier
Plant Sale Co-ordinator: Aileen Taylor
Newsletter Co-ordinator: Val Charalambous
Refreshments Co-ordinator: Jane Jardine and Georgie Reddington
Special Events Co-ordinator: Vacant
Member-at-Large: Mary Hamm
Member-at-Large: Sue Menning

The committee would also like to thank each and every member for participating in our events, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment ensures that everyone feels valued and supported.